A multi-gifted woman with a positive mind and inspiration of many

Arpitaa Bansal is a Artist, Singer, Human Rights Activist, Healing Expert, Mind Trainer, Astrologer & Numerology
Ashu shukla, New Delhi, Nit. : 
A multi-gifted human, Artist, Singer, Healing Expert, Mind Trainer, Human Rights Activist, Astrologer, Numerology & Humanitarian, and Today Arpitaa Bansal possesses an unprecedented list of achievements and remains in the fore front of her craft, a true inspiration for millions of people all over the world. As an artist she excites, enlightens leads and embraces his fans with insights into life’s meaning and deepest feelings through her soulful songs, motivational & Positive Mind training sessions. Ancestral values are seen embedded deep in her songs and social work. Arpitaa Bansal captivates audiences through the vigor and sheer beauty with her words and melodious voice. Her songs stir the souls, energize the bodies, liberate the minds and heal the hearts throughout the world.
Arpitaa Bansal is an internationally known Singer and Mind Trainer best recognized for her well-decorated career in Punjabi-Soulful music. Her stock took a recent rise after her latest released song “YAARA” with Times Music depicting the Mind blowing acting and great sense of singing that has been acclaimed many steps towards the greater heights. The song has already notched over 3 million views on YouTube and over 10 million views on other social Media Platforms. She started her high flying singing career with a very soothing melody number that has been launched by SONY MUSIC in 2018 ‘Lakeeran’, Later she has given her vocals to over 11 more Punjabi tracks i.e. ‘Busy-Busy’ , ‘Maahiyya’ , ‘Mascara’ , ‘Catwalk’ and others.
Arpitaa’s emergence has been tied to the long list of hit songs in just two years; however, the Punjab native has always demonstrated an uncanny ability to transcend. The practicing music expert reverence for her craft and culture has always been on display in her song but her recent acceptance by greater audiences has made her a new sensational Superwoman in singing. 
The famed Vedic Astrologer & Healing-Code Expert holds a degree in Astrology & Mind Training and is most widely sighted for her spellbinding performances in front of the many thousands that gather at her sessions all over the world.
Her humble reflection of being the first Indian woman to receive an award as the Best Humanitarian by the Canadian State govt. for her selfless efforts in the field of social work. She has opened the new stride and golden gates for the all the social workers who are working tirelessly to get the special recognition they deserve. She is running three schools at free of cost with the name of Gurukul by Arpitaa, She also loves to take classes. She goes there personally and take lectures there on Moral Education, Mind training and positive attitude.
Her achievements with the Delhi Govt. to help raise funds and rescue children and minors for their fight against Human Trafficking saw her work alongside cultural royalty like A.R.Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Quincy Jones, President Jimmy Carter and much more to help eradicate the world's second-biggest crime. She also rescued three females from being trafficked into slavery, she took them to govt shelter homes, she trained them and now they all are happily working at different fields and living a peaceful life.
The year ahead looks incredibly exciting with a calendar that looks to further her international presence as a singer very soon. Arpitaa's next music album promises to deliver the sound that has defined her name, except this much more around the world will be listening.
Arpitaa Bansal was born in the Nabha, Distt Patiala (Punjab eastern). Living in the sleepy village and later on moved to Delhi, as a child she was hooked to the melody emanating from the flute and sarangi of the wandering artists. She is also a classical trained singer.
Talking about her schooling from Delhi and nearby Noida, she says, “I began performing at the school level event in 3rd grade and this marked the beginning of my journey, I used to do riyaaz a lot”, But unfortunately her father died when she was just in the growing stage. At the tender age of 12, she took on the responsibility of becoming an individualistic nature and a goal-oriented professional. She left singing because she is the elder of two sisters which forced her to take over the father’s business.
“Life is like a roller-coaster ride and sometimes God has planned something different for us” these words are really written for the people like Arpitaa Bansal. After everything settled down after many years, one more tragedy has taken her miles away from singing, she met with a car accident, and her vocal chords got swollen due to which she used to find it difficult even in speaking. Many years have gone into recovering from this; her doctors have said that she might never sing again. It has taken many years to recover from that even she forgot that she sings. On a one fine day she was humming some old Punjabi Folk song at the backyard of her house, someone told her that ‘you should give this song a try, record the song as your vocals are awesome’. So that’s how she got into this singing and now recognized as one of the main stream Punjabi-soulful artist.
Besides that she is also rightful owner of two international magazines as well ‘Atelier Creating Fashion’, ‘Atelier Diva’. The magazines cater to an elite class that knows what luxury is. Atelier covers multifarious avenues including, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, art, sports, destinations and investments. We are sure to reach the desired destination soon."