Army man's boxing dream still on

Ashu shukla, New Delhi, Nit. : 
Sanjay Sharan, an army man, is relishing the time of his life as a professional boxer nowadays. What began as a casual interest during his schooling years took over his mind soon. And that was it. He was clear that boxing was the only thing that would content his heart and soul.

"I have always been interested in sporting activities during my schooling days. A friend of mine used to do boxing and I started accompanying him," Sharan said, before adding: "gradually I also got interested in the sport and joined the Rameshwaram Jangra sports trust boxing academy in my hometown."

Hailing from Sirsa district in Haryana, his big break materialised earlier this year when he made his debut in the Super Boxing League in the 64kg division. But due to the coronavirus pandemic his career has been dealt a blow in it's initial stages. "I'm going to compete in more matches once the coronavirus pandemic is settled," An optimistic Sharan was quoted as saying.
The league, which came into being in 2017, is run by former boxer Amjad Khan. Ever since it's inception it has provided pugilists like Sharan a platform to showcase their talent while participating in various tournaments, both domestic and overseas. 

Roll the years back to 2011 when Sharan started his career, and it was not long before he started creating ripples. He got his first medal in a local tournament held in 2013 in Haryana's Ganour district. After 2 years, he took a flight when he notched a gold in the third edition of the Inter-state tournament, also held in Haryana. In 2016, he got recruited in the Indian army, thanks to his sporting merits. Come 2017, he continued to satiate his hunger for glory when he became the state champion for two successive years i.e. 2017 and 2018.